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Charity work with UCKG

With so much happening in the last couple of weeks following the launch of Supremium including wallet migration, massive token burns, staking partnership with Olive, multiple listings, launch of the website, release of the whitepaper, collaboration with top UK marketing agency and, of course, ownership renouncement, it would be easy to assume that the team are operating on little to no sleep in order to build the world's most successful community token.

And there's the magic word - our Mojo if you will - 'community'. It is at the heart of everything we do and we will never lose this focus. In amongst the excitement and activity of the last few weeks, CEO James, along with Dev, Neek, have been working on the front line of a local homeless shelter to deliver food and necessities to those in need.

The organisation supported in this instance is, a worldwide organisation devoted to just one thing - changing people's lives.

We are proud of our community, we are proud of our ongoing association with UCKG, and we are incredibly proud of our Supremium leaders who don't just donate money, they get involved.

We are currently looking for more opportunities around the world. If you have local projects you would like to see supported, please get in touch with us on one of our social channels.


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